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Earth, Wind & Fire - NCP fall campaign

Preserving rainforest, enabling Rwandan tailors, a school for girls in Congo

Earth: With over a quarter of the Amazon Rainforest deforested or degraded,

this planetary keystone ecosystem is in trouble. Standing with the native

communities who defend it against palm oil and other invaders is critical. Our 

partners in the Ecuadorian Amazon have located a parcel of 112 acres in a key

location - it will serve as a buffer between fast-advancing palm oil plantations and 

native lands, and will be turned into a reserve managed by native groups allied 

with NCP. $50,000 is needed to purchase this land. Fortunately, we have

$30,000 in our If a tree falls... reserves, leaving $20,000 more to be raised. 

Need: $20,000     $450 buys an acre!

Raised: $5500


Wind: Rwandan women work their way through “school” - they attend

NCP-sponsored tailoring classes in the mornings and do day-labor the rest

of the day to earn money to feed their families – all this with baby-on-the-back.

Upon graduating the sewing course, most can’t afford the treadle machine

they need to use their skills and must rent one at $4 per month, eating into

already-meager profits. We want to put wind in the sails of this year's graduating

class of 15 women so they can thrive in their new businesses.

Cost per machine: $140

Need: $2000 (any money raised over this amount will provide machines for next 

year's grads!)

Raised: $2550

Fire: In the DR Congo fewer than one-quarter of girls attend secondary

school, and over one-third are married before turning 18. These realities

severely limit their options for a bright and hopeful future. This boarding school

just for girls - built in an area where available high schools are far away - will 

light the way toward a better future. Starting with three classrooms, eventually

it will house 250 girls, aged 12-22. The total needed is $40,000, with half of this

amount available from a donor's matching grant.

Need: $20,000

Raised: $7750

Donate here to one or all of these projects, via Venmo or by check to NCP, 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064. As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs themselves.

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