Resting in peace

Providing mosquito nets for girls in South Sudan

NCP raised funds to build Queensland Girls Boarding School in 2015. On a

visit in May 2019, NCP learned that every week, 5-6 girls were coming down

with malaria. This is a serious disease that kills over a million children in

Africa every year.


Why were they being infected? Some 400 of the girls and their families

couldn't afford a $6 mosquito net to keep them safe while sleeping -

which is when the mosquitoes are biting. We immediately launched a

Facebook campaign to meet this need, and our network responded,

providing the $2500 needed so these girls could rest in peace.

Problem solved? Not quite. As nets tear and new girls come to school, more

nets will continue to be needed.

$6 - not a lot for us, but a VERY big deal to them

Make a donation - get your class or congregation or club involved - help these young women rest in peace!