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Return and Rebuild: South Sudan

NCP 2023 fall campaign

Supporting the people of South Sudan as they return home from exile

Hundreds of thousands of people fled South Sudan to neighboring countries over the past

decade due to conflict and instability. As their country is now experiencing relative peace,

they have begun to return to their farms, villages and towns and are eager to rebuild

their lives

   But they are starting over from scratch and could use a hand. On our Learning Tour last

May, we met many women and girls without the means to reestablish themselves, as they

were the ones most affected by displacement and have the fewest resources at their

disposal now that they have returned. On top of this, most of the women with whom

NCP works are widows and/or single mothers, having lost their husbands in the fighting

or due to abandonment.

   NCP's Give a Girl a Chance program has provided some modest funds for these women

and girls as part of our annual grant, but much more is needed. 


Our partner, Agnes Amileto of the South Sudan Organization for Women, requests

these items:


Women's Empowerment

- 30 sewing machines for returned refugee women who are graduating from our

tailoring program to help them launch their businesses (the $150 cost is split

$75/$75 with the women). The tailoring training workshop also needs a

"designing" machine @ $1600 and a "labeling" machine @ $800 for producing

higher end products.

                                           - 55 start-up kits for graduates from our beautician 

                                            workshop @ $75 each

                                            - An additional 25 Microloans for returnees @ an

                                           average of $200 each to start small businesses      

                                           such as shops, food stands, used clothing stores:

                                           $5000 (this is in addition to $10,000 NCP plans

                                           to send for microloans on 2024)

                                           - A latrine for women at the training center, as the

                                            current one is dilapidated - and disgusting. Cost: $3000

                                           - Small livestock projects: goats for 60 households @ $70 per pair of goats

                                           -$6000 to rent a tractor and provide seeds for vulnerable and women-headed households



Donate to Return and Rebuild here! (you can add a note to designate your gift)

Educational support 

     -With schools bursting at the seams, more scholarship

assistance is needed: $5000 to provide scholarships to

25 girls @ $200 each


      -An additional school bus to transport an increasing

number of day students to Queensland school. This is

especially important during the rainy season and for

early elementary students who must walk several miles

to school: $15,000




                                                   - With over 700 girls on campus, there is the need

                                                   for a clinic to care for health needs (malaria is a

                                                   persistent issue). Parent fees will pay the nurse.

                                                   Building cost: $5000.

                                                    - $25 monthly supplement for the 35 teachers,

                                                    who are currently paid only $50 per month   



With "many trees cut during the conflict," there is a need for trees for

food security and medicinal purposes, teak for income, and trees of all

kinds to combat climate change. Supporting three nurseries, NCP is

already the leading source of trees in the region - our partners say

even more are needed! $5000 will plant 20,000 trees (on top of the

$10,000 NCP plans to send in 2024 from our If a Tree Falls... fund).


Donate to Return and Rebuild here (add a note to designate)

via Venmo or by check to NCP, 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge,

VA 24064. As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special

Projects go to the programs themselves.


Women's cooperative at Kerabi. Note that some have matching shirts - an expression of unity, identity and self-esteem.

A young tailor in her shop. After graduating from six months of training, the next challenge is to buy a machine to open a business. 


Martina used a $450 microloan to launch a shop selling used clothing

"Despite these challenges, we are not kept down." - women at NCP-funded training center in Nimule

q bus 3.jpg

Head teacher Michael with students in the bus the NCP network purchased in 2020 - "Our biggest blessing," they told us as they took us to see it

Lona, Ayak, Idia, Fahista – they fled their home areas over 200 miles away to escape violence and gender bias, and now attend Queensland Girls’ School in Nimule. "In my village it was considered an abomination to educate a girl," said Lona. Now she is the top student in the entire state.


 – $7565 raised so far! –

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