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- The Ten (Climate) Commandments - righteous and rigorous but not religious!

- Insta, Facebook, podcasts? Links here

- Brethren Voices interview with David Radcliff on the perils facing our planet

- Mangroves to the Rescue new campaign: Borneo!

- 2025 Learning Tours posted!


Girls from the Chepang areas of Nepal are out of luck after fifth grade. Yes, secondary school is a 7-hour roundtrip walk into the valley below, but they can handle that. It's the $200 in fees that their farming families can't manage. So the girls are left to lives of day labor, early marriage or even being trafficked. We're asking for donations to get them to school and to a life with better choices.

Planting two (!) million trees over the next decade for fruit, medicines, firewood, climate - and some just for the birds!

tree planting.jpg

Getting girls to school in Malawi (it's 7-14 miles away!)


NCP is a small nonprofit organization with a Big Goal: to change the world!

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