NCP Staff Visits your school, college, congregation, community group

Director David Radcliff or other staff are available for visits to congregations, community groups, schools and colleges, or any other group with interest.

In congregations, we can bring the morning message and often do an intergenerational Sunday School, working the local leaders to determine the focus for both. We are also available for weekend retreats.  Here's a sermon director David Radcliff preached at Elizabethtown (PA) Church of the Brethren. 


In schools, we do all-school assemblies and/or meet with individual classes or clubs. Whatever the setting, each presentation is tailored for the audience.


Presentations typically include facts and figures, photography and stories from NCP's partnership areas around the world, and cover topics depending on the interests of the group. In classroom settings, some examples are: 

  • conservation

  • child labor

  • climate change

  • native communities

  • girls' education


Staff work to engage the group in discussion. 

Fees-for-service are entirely negotiable and not mandatory.

CONTACT: David Radcliff


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