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Give a Girl a Chance is NCP's program to help girls and women around the world have a

decent chance for a decent life. For the girls, this means keeping them in school in places like

South Sudan, where 90 percent of girls don't complete elementary school, and a 15-year-old

girl is more likely to die giving birth than to graduate from high school. Or rural Malawi,

where nearly half of all girls are married before they turn 18, in part due to the inaccessibility of

school (high school is a 7 to 14 mile walk each way in rural areas). We offer scholarships, shoes,

mosquito nets, bicycles - whatever they need to succeed. As for women, they are often reduced

to near-slave labor, the sex trade or work that lacks dignity or opportunity. Through microloans

or skills training organized by our partners, we help them have better choices.


NCP director David Radcliff interviewed on programs with girls, women and more. 

Working through grassroots partners in Nepal, Myanmar, South Sudan, Rwanda, Congo,

Malawi and Zambia, these programs are carried out respectfully, effectively and efficiently.

See all this goodness in action: here's the album from our 2022 Nepal Learning Tour.

Here's more info on NCP support of girls' education; more on women's tailoring programs here

and microloans here, including options for designated gifts.

NCP's recent Keep 'em Safe! campaign to build a security wall around a

shelter for young trafficking survivors in Nepal raised $30,700 - and built that wall!

                                                   Our A Girl and a Bike program helps high school girls in

                                                    Malawi who are 7-14 miles and $45 away from school 

                                                    the miles a logistical challenge, and the money scarce as

                                                    climate change has ruined the local farm economy. So

                                                    $110 gets a girl a bike ($65) and tuition ($45).

                                                    We met many of these young riders on our 2022 Learning

                                                    Tour to Malawi. 


ALSO! Along with all the other benefits, educating girls and empowering women are two

of the top ten things the world needs to do to get a handle on climate change, according to

the book Drawdown. And a renown conservationist replied "Educate girls" when asked about

the most important thing to do to preserve Africa's wildlife.


          Give girls and women the chance they need for the life they deserve!



As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs

themselves - really!

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Zoom presentation on the challenges

facing women in East Africa, Myanmar

and Nepal, covering issues ranging

from child marriage to trafficking to

domestic violence to maternal mortality

to climate change, narrated by

NCP's David Radcliff --->

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In Nepal, keeping girls in school has all the usual benefits - later marriage, fewer children, better jobs, self-esteem - along with making them less vulnerable to being trafficked. Ten to fifteen thousand Nepali girls meet this fate every year, some as young as eight. NCP works with renown anti-trafficking organization Shakti Samuha to offer scholarships to girls like these in the heavily-trafficked Sindupulchowk district. We also support microloans for women in the entertainment sector - an entry point for the domestic and international sex trade. Having other income-earning options in critical for women to avoid abuse and exploitation.

NCP funds tailoring training centers in South Sudan, Congo and here in Rwanda. In this one, Give a Girl a Chance provides rent for the room, machines for practicing and pay for the instructor. Each of the 20 women attend 3 days a week from 9 to12, then work the rest of the time to earn money to feed their families.

Tailoring training programs help women learn skills and earn money for themselves and their families.


Getting girls to school in Malawi (it's seven miles away!)


NCP's Give a Girl a Chance fund supports girls in going to school.


NCP supports microloan projects for women to begin small businesses

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100 percent of donations to these projects go to the programs themselves – really!