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We’re helping girls and women get the education and skills training they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives, 

from Myanmar and Nepal in South Asia, to South Sudan, Rwanda and the DR Congo in East Africa, and now in the southern African countries of Malawi and Zambia.

“Before these projects, the only thing women in this village produced was babies.” – Burmese women’s group

For girls, education is the key to later marriage, fewer children, and a life of opportunity—yet millions either never attend school or withdraw at an early age due to gender or poverty—or lack of sanitary materials. Women often are reduced to near-slave labor, the sex trade or work that is at best demeaning and unrewarding.


Give a Girl a Chance works with grassroots groups to address the challenges facing girls and women respectfully, effectively and efficiently. This NCP fund helps women and girls around the world have a decent chance for a decent life.

$30 - $60 keeps a girl in school for a year; $20 provides hygienic materials; $10 a pair of shoes; $6 a mosquito net.

"The rate of malaria has gone down greatly since you provided the mosquito nets for the girls - thanks to all the donors."  - Agnes Amileto, NCP partner in South Sudan


For women, $125 buys a sewing machine; $50 can provide a loan to help a woman start a business - and all the opportunities as well as self esteem that comes with it. Any gift makes a difference! 

As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs themselves - really!

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Helping women in NCP partner areas reach beyond where they are to where they dream of being!

Tailoring training programs help women learn skills and earn money for themselves and their families.

Getting girls to school in Malawi (it's seven miles away!)

NCP supports microloan projects for women to begin small businesses

100 percent of donations to these projects go to the programs themselves – really!

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