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NCP supports microloan projects for women to begin small businesses in Myanmar, Nepal, Rwanda, Zambia and in South Sudan, both inside the country and in South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda. The projects provide income for them and their families, build self-esteem, teach business skills, and give them their own money for needed expenses, their children’s education—or to share with others. A group in the delta of Myanmar used some of their profit to construct a cyclone for their village, in preparation for "the next big one". The last "big one," Nargis in 2008, killed 135,000 people in their region. 

Daw Hla Myo Nwe (photo): She took a $125 loan and raised 35 ducklings and one pig; earns $1 for 8 eggs; pig had six piglets - 45 days later, sold them for $35 each, then the mother for $150. She makes altogether over $600 profit per year - and she was able to send her daughter to university. "Before this we knew nothing about these things. Now we are no longer totally dependent on our husbands, and our family life is sweeter, as our husbands can spend more time at home, since they are not totally responsible for supporting the family now. It has also brought social healing to the women in the community. Now we are cooperating with and supporting each other."

$20 - $50 = a typical loan amount

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