Earth Care

Planet Earth is our only home. It is our home only because it suits us. It is not so large as to be unlivable gravitationally. And in the entire time of human development, it has been neither too hot nor too cold nor too wet nor too dry. It has had an atmosphere that protects us from things that could do us harm, other features that recycle our waste and generate our oxygen, food sources that sustain us, and a myriad of other species of plants and animals and insects that have aided us in ways seen and unseen.

All that is at risk. The main causes are over-consumption and over-pollution. These are abetted by a growing population, consumerism, lack of political will, and contempocentrism (thinking only about today) and anthropocentrism (only focused on humans).

All this has to change.

Check out the One Earth, One Chance page below for lots of action options on water, conservation, air quality and more. Also below are links to our climate change page and key programs, including our new Million Tree campaign. Let's get rockin'!

  • Million Tree Campaign

    10 years, a million trees

  • Climate Change

    Beginning with you

    Going Public

    Change the System

  • If a Tree Falls...

                           Reforestation and

                     Rainforest Preservation

  • One Earth, One Chance

    Lots of information and

    avenues for action

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