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Special Projects

for your school, club, congregation


We know that people and groups in our network are often looking for a special project to support as a way of doing some good in this world. And our partners abroad have needs that NCP cannot fully meet.


This creates a winning combination of generosity meeting opportunity! 


Here's how you can help in the areas of supporting girls and women, and protecting and restoring forests

Girls’ education 

Some 129 million girls around the world are not in school who should be. This often

leads to early marriage, work that is demeaning or dangerous, and limited options for

their future. We work with partners in six countries in Asia and Africa to give these

young women a better chance for the better life that an education can provide.

We have taken on support of the Chepang girls in Nepal over and above our normal 

grants for girls' education. When we first met them in their mountainous communities,   

                                       we learned that after fifth grade school is over for them. This

                                       could mean a life of early marriage (as young as 12),

                                       field labor, or even being trafficked. 


                                       To go on to secondary school requires a 7-hour round trip

                                       walk for these girls to the valley below – but they were

                                       willing to do that. The problem was that their farming

                                       families couldn't afford the $200 per girl per year in tuition.

                                       As GAGAC is already supporting girls and women in Nepal along with projects around the                                             world, we didn't really have extra funds for these girls, but felt their situation was so compelling that we needed to respond. So we are raising money for them separately. 


In 2024, we hope to support 36 Chepang girls. Can you help us send one or more beyond 5th grade?! Here's how!              

And there are our on-going efforts through our Give a Girl a Chance program to provide young women with scholarships, sanitary materials, shoes, backpacks, uniforms and even food sometimes. While costs differ from place to place and by grade level, $150 can typically provide these for a girl. More info here. The more we raise, the more girls who go to school!

As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs themselves - really!


A Girl and A Bike is a special program for schoolgirls in Malawi who were walking 14 miles

each way to get to a good high school. As we promote bicycling, in cooperation with our

partner there we had the idea for A Girl and A Bike. For $200 a girl gets a sturdy bike which

significantly increases the access of these young women to an education. This effort is

funded by designated gifts: more donations = more bikes! Roll on, girls!

Women’s Empowerment

We are also active in supporting women's programs through Give a Girl a Chance. Typical

needs are for microloans ($200-$500 per woman) or agricultural projects (a pair of goats

for $70).

Ongoing needs for women that often fall outside our normal budget include helping women

who graduate from tailoring or beautician classes have start-up money to put their newfound

skills into practice. Through our partner we are offering $75 to each graduate, with the

woman also pitching in $75. This will purchase a treadle sewing machine or buy needed

items to get started as a beautician.

Earth care: protecting and restoring forests

We are always looking for support for our Two Million Tree Campaign. Few things are more

important than protecting and restoring the world's forests. We are actively working at this

in Myanmar, South Sudan, the Congo, Rwanda, and Malawi. It can cost as little as $0.10

to plant a tree. Imagine the fundraising opportunities!


Lona, Iyak, Idia, Fahista fled fighting and gender bias in their home areas 200 miles away to attend the school we built. They receive scholarships from Give a Girl a Chance - Lona is now the top student in this entire state of South Sudan.

IMG_9675 (2).JPG
pageri nursery 3.jpg

One of the three tree nurseries we support in South Sudan. We are the leading reforestation group in this entire region of South Sudan!

A young tailoring graduate in her shop. After graduating from six months of training, we match their $75 to purchase a treadle sewing machine so they can get to work!  

tree planting.jpg

In Malawi, girls receiving NCP scholarships also help with our reforestation projects that will plant over 60,000 trees every year in that southern African country!

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