Experiential Learning


Intergenerational experiences intended to challenge, change and renew us, while building relationships with our neighbors and a better appreciation for our amazing planet.

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Sustainable Living Centers

NCP's Sustainable Living Centers in Harrisonburg, Virginia 


Starksboro, Vermont

put our principles into practice. 

NCP Staff Visits

We are very interested in engaging people of all ages with its message of fairness among people and sustainable lifestyles towards the Earth.

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New Community Project

...turning the world upside down...

Building a new community of justice and peace

for our neighbors and respect for the earth.


540-855-1199 cell

844-804-2985 toll-free

David Radcliff - Director


Tom Benevento - Coordinator

Harrisonburg, VA Sustainable Living Center


Pete Antos-Ketcham - Coordinator 

Starksboro, VT Sustainable Living Center




New Community Project

117 Nature Road

Blue Ridge, VA 24064

NCP is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization

registered in Arizona.