Tailor made for success!

Growing up during wartime in South Sudan, Silverio Andrug only completed second grade, married early, and started having children. Four daughters later, her husband abandoned her—he wanted a son. She started making homebrew to survive, then heard about a tailoring course supported by NCP. She enrolled, graduated, bought a machine and then her own shop—and now sends her daughters to school. “Thank you,” she whispered. 

Tailoring training programs help women like Sylverio in South Sudan and Nyiramigisha Honorarima of Kabumba, Rwanda (pictured at left), as well as women in the DR Congo, learn skills and earn money for themselves and their families - and the sense of self-esteem that comes with this.


$3 / $10 = scissors / iron
$100 / $150 = treadle machine (S. Sudan/DR Congo)

$425 = machine to make sweaters (S. Sudan, Rwanda)
$100 = instructor monthly stipend

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