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Tailor made for success!

This part of our Give a Girl a Chance program provides tailoring training, sewing machines, microloans & more
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Tailoring training programs help women in South Sudan (including refugee women), the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda learn skills, purchase machines, join cooperatives - whatever it takes to earn money for themselves and their families, while gaining the sense of self-esteem and professionalism that comes with this.


(Nyiramigisha Honorarima of Kabumba, Rwanda at left)

In addition, NCP-supported microloan programs enable

women to launch tailoring businesses in many of our

partner areas, including the delta of Myanmar. "As a single

woman, I was afraid of what would happen to me, should my

parents die. Of course I don't want them to pass away, but

now I know I can take care of myself, thanks to the microloan

project and the sewing business I was able to start", said 

Zar Gyi of Byu Chaung village. 


$3 / $10 = scissors / iron

$50 = cooperative membership
$100 / $150 = treadle machine (S. Sudan/DR Congo)

$425 = machine to make sweaters (S. Sudan, Rwanda)
$100 = instructor monthly stipend

$300-$500 = microloan to start tailoring business

Covering the Gap in the DRC

"These sewing machines will help in our everyday life. We use the income to purchase basic household needs like soaps and salt, and to help pay the tuition for our girls to go to school.

"And food for us mostly is maize (corn) -  it was very difficult to feeding my family enough. And if you need a variety, you sell two days' quantity of maize to have another food item like rice for one day; this creates a gap of one day. These machines will cover this gap and give a possibility to vary food.


"Please thank them a lot on our behalf. The first need of a human being is food. 

"And being in the cooperative helps me being stable and having an address, I don’t run all around trying to find money, trying to get a job in and outside the town because I now have a profession. People can easily find me, I have time because we can talk when I sew. And with this stability, I easily give appointments and respect them.

 - tailoring training graduate and recipient of a treadle sewing machine and membership fees for the local sewing cooperative, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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