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      Hooray for Alternative Gifts!

Options for special occasions, Vacation Bible School, Mother's Day and more!


New Community Project is all about giving people good options -

from girls wanting to go to school rather than a sweatshop, to women

looking for skills training to help them reach their potential, to planting

trees and protecting forests to give nature - and us - a chance to thrive.


Same with our network - what are good alternatives when it comes to 

showing appreciation for the people you care about? Or when looking for a special

project for a class, a club, Vacation Bible School or other event? We have a few ideas!


- Every $1 plants 10 trees in Africa or Asia or 2 mangrove saplings in Nigeria

- NCP's Give a Girl a Chance fund supports girls' education in Myanmar, Nepal, Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda and Malawi. Example:

                      Costs to educate a girl in the DR Congo

$100: year's scholarship   Shoes/backpack with supplies: $15/$35   Food: $50   

Hygienic materials: $36

- $250 keeps a girl from a Chepang ethnic village in the mountains

of southern Nepal in secondary school for a year. Otherwise, finished 

with school after fifth grade, they are vulnerable to early marriage

(as young as 13 or 14) or even being trafficked. They'll still walk two

hours down the mountain to school, but they're happy to do their part

for a brighter future. [Youth-friendly Powerpoint and script telling 

their story!


- $40-$500 provides a microloan for a woman in Myanmar, Nepal, South Sudan or Congo

to start a small business (of course any amount is welcome, as we add it in with all other 

contributions and then send the requested amount to our partners for distribution to the 

women's groups)

- $80 buys a sheep for a Batwa (pygmy) woman in Rwanda - and she'll share an offspring

with a neighbor!

- $200 gets a bike ($160) and a scholarship ($40) for a girl in Malawi who lives 14 miles 

from high school

- $75 pays our share of a sewing machine for a tailoring course graduate in Congo or

Rwanda (the grad kicks in $75 too)

- give a general gift to our Two (!) Million Tree Campaign or to Give a Girl a Chance

(If it's for an individual, pick one or more of the items below, let us know what you

want to give to whom by when, and we'll send them a gift card or send you a card

to give them - or print your own card from this file! If for a group special collection,

let us know and we can provide promo materials.)


Send pertinent gifting info to Payment method is your choice: pay

on the Donate page of the website, Core budget tab (there's also a Venmo option there),

or send a check to NCP, 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064. As always, 100 percent

of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs themselves - indeed!

And there are always our cool NCP t-shirts - stylin' while promotin' an alternative world!

Samples below - varied colors and sizes available. $15 short-sleeved, $20 long-sleeved

(includes shipping). 

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