Young adults rock the world

Whether standing up to climate change or sweatshops, standing up against

the extractive industries (like Dine activist and NCP friend Kendra Pinto, right),

standing by people who are pushed aside by others, young adults are

rocking the world.

NCP wants to empower you by providing information and opportunities -

and get inspiration and energy and ideas from you - and see how we

can work together to build a better, fairer world.

Here goes:

Go. Meet.Grow. Change - yourself and your world

Learning Tours are NCP trips for all ages that put you up close with some of the most

compelling people and places on the planet - both the best and the worst. Think Alaska

(incredible wildlife, incredibly warming), Nepal (sex trafficking and child workers, but

also human resilience and the Himalaya), the Amazon (pink dolphins, oil

pollution), East Africa (refugees fleeing war, schoolgirls riding NCP-supplied bikes

to school). You get the drift.


"This trip drew the line between visiting a place - and experiencing it."

- Faith Renner about Alaska LT

Pick your passion

What angers/worries/intrigues you about our impacts on planet and people? Dig deep,

and don't be afraid of what you find. Educate yourself and others about

 - the damage caused by plastic to our ecosystem (two teenage sisters in Bali got

plastic bags banned!)

 - the impacts of palm oil plantations on tropical forests and child laborers (palm oil is in half

the stuff at the grocery store - and Girl Scout cookies!) 

 - or what climate change is already doing to our planet (earth is losing 1.2 trillion tons of ice 

every year!)  

Facts on the ground - hands in the soil

People like you make our Sustainable Living Centers hum. Sometimes literally,

as there is some singing going on there, along with bicycle-powered compost

pick-up, working in the gardens, working with school groups who come to visit,

attending town council meetings to push for eco-practices, helping with the Food

Share programs for local families. Come for a weekend, summer, year, life. 


"I never knew something like this existed." - Amelia, who first visited on a

sorority work day, then started coming once a week, and then became a

full-time intern.

A better future

In Malawi, high school is 7 miles away for girls in the areas where NCP works. For $175

our A Girl and A Bike program can get a girl to school ($130 bike + $45 scholarship). How

many girls can your club or sorority or Facebook peeps help roll toward a better future?!

Speaking of a better future: Our new Million Tree campaign is a Big Deal. We plan to plant

100,000 trees per year for the next 10 years. Why? You know why - habitat, oxygen,

food, medicines, firewood (to keep  girls from having to take long, dangerous walks to

collect it), climate change (a rainforest tree absorbs 50 pounds of CO2 every year -

mangroves four times as much!), and beauty.

10 cents plants a tree - or 2 mangroves for $1 - how many can you plant!? Great

Earth Day campaign!

Join Up / Act Up!

Get your friends together and put the heat on your campus to get greener!

​- NetZero Plastic is the goal of a group at Bridgewater College in VA.

- At Washington College on the Eastern Shore, they're into gardening, hiking and

taking care of the Chesapeake Bay.

- Engineers, gardeners, activists - Lafayette College has them all!

- Green Allies works to empower student groups in the Mid-Atlantic states,

including holding a yearly conference to bring together activists, educators

and students from a six-state region.

Get NCP staff to your campus or congregation or whatever for

classroom presentations, convos, workshops, club meetings - we're cheap,

knowledgeable, and occasionally funny.


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