Girls just wanna.... go to school

NCP's Give a Girl a Chance fund supporting girls' education
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Education keeps girls away from early marriage, builds self-esteem, and prepares them for a life of opportunity, yet many girls are kept from school by gender bias, household labor, insecurity, lack of girls' toilets, and poverty. In South Sudan, where NCP gives scholarships and has built a girls' boarding school, 75 percent of young girls are not even in elementary school. In Malawi, home to our A Girl and A Bike program, 10 percent of girls are married before they turn 15. In Nepal, where we support girls like Rojina, Kabita and Munni (above left), not being in school makes young women much more vulnerable to being trafficked into the sex trade. 


Need a fund-raising project?

Need a project for your camp, Vacation Bible School, Girl Scout troop or other group? Have we got a deal for you! We are always in need of support for girls' education - everything from scholarships to shoes to bikes to backpacks to food (! - yep, some girls are too hungry to go to school). 

And we've got a brand-new video telling all about it for Bible Schools and church camps! Find it here. 

NCP's Give a Girl a Chance fund supports girls' education in Myanmar, Nepal, Congo, South Sudan, Rwanda and Malawi, providing scholarships, hygienic materials, shoes, covid masks, bicycles and sometimes even food, as a girls in places like Congo (top right) can't learn on an empty stomach.


Ma Aung (at right), a hill tribe girl in Myanmar, received NCP support through

middle and high school, and continues to be supported in university, where she's

studying to be a chemistry teacher! Another  goal of hers: to be a role model for

other young women in her community.

$30 - $90 = year’s tuition (differs from one area/grade level to another)

$750 = college tuition for someone like Ma Aung

$20 = hygienic supplies for the school year

$10 - $20 - $50 = shoes – school uniform – desk

As always with our Special Projects, 100% of donations go to the programs!


Second Step


We help girls get through high school, but they want more! So we launched Second Step to send them to college or medical school or for skills training, inviting individuals and groups to provide all or part of a girl's support for the 2-4 years it takes her to finish. Provide $750 per year or a portion thereof - receive a photo and bio of the girl. Every gift helps these girls take their Second Step!


photos: Kide Eveline, studying to be a midwife in Lira, Uganda; 

Rehema Regina (far right in group photo), medical student from Congo

Kide Eveline is studying to be a midwife