David Radcliff's Schedule

Contact David at dradcliffncp@yahoo.com about a visit to your school, college, congregation or community group

May 11 - 23         Lead Africa Learning Tour

May 29 - June 4   Lead Ecuadorian Amazon Learning Tour

July 3 - 9             Lead Lybrook (NM) Learning Tour

July 10-14           Insight Session & age group events at Church of the Brethren Annual Conference

July 17                Preach, Portland (OR) Peace Church of the Brethren

July 24                Preach and lead Sunday School, Beaver Creek (MD) Church of the Brethren

August 11 - 18     Lead Arctic Village Learning Tour

Aug 22 - Sept 23 Teach Poverty in a World of Plenty class, Elizabethtown College

September 11      Preach and lead Sunday School, Germantown Brick (VA) Church of the Brethren

September 17-18 Presenter, weekend retreat, Staunton (VA) Church of the Brethren

September 19-23 Classroom presentations, Bridgewater (VA) College

September 21     International Day of Peace speaker, Bridgewater (VA) College

September 24      NCP Advisory Board meeting

September 25      Preach, Ridgeway Community Church of the Brethren (Harrisburg, PA)

October 16          Preach, Trinity Church of the Brethren (Daleville, VA)

October 17-18     Classroom presentations, Souderton (PA) Area High School

October 19          Classroom presentations, Lycoming (PA) College

October 20          Classroom presentations, Bridgewater (VA) College

October 26          Presenter, Women's Studies class, Washburn (KS) University

October 26          Evening event: One Earth, One Chance, Ottawa (KS) University

October 27          Classroom presentations, Ottawa University

Oct 28-Nov 2       Classroom presentations, McPherson (KS) College

October 30          Preach, Topeka (KS) Church of the Brethren

October 30          Presentation, evening event, McPherson Church of the Brethren

Oct 31 & Nov 2    Classroom presentations, Tabor (KS) College

November 1         Classroom presentations, Wheatland Elementary (Wichita)

November 3         Presentation, global studies class, University of Central Missouri

Nov 4 & 7           Classroom presentations, Warrensburg, MO

November 5-6     Weekend retreat leader, Cabool (MO) Church of the Brethren

December 1        Classroom presentations, Andersen Middle School (Minneapolis, MN)

December 2        Presentation on population, School of Environmental Studies (Apple Valley, MN)

December 4         Speaker, Open Circle Church of the Brethren (Burnsville, MN)

December 4         Evening program, Camp Peaceful Pines (IA)

December 5-6     Classroom presentations, Marshalltown Community College (IA)

January 1            Preach, Mountville (PA) Church of the Brethren

January 11-22     Lead Nepal Learning Tour