David Radcliff's Schedule

Contact David at dradcliffncp@yahoo.com about a visit to your school, college, congregation or community group





April 5                  Preach and lead Sunday School, Stone Church of the Brethren (Huntingdon, PA)


April 7                  Classroom presentation, Ethics of Climate Change, Juniata College, (Huntingdon, PA)

April19                 In-Dangered Species pre-Earth Day live Zoom session (recorded and posted)

April 23                Zoom session, fourth grade classes, Wheatland Elementary School, Wichita,KS

April 26                Preach, Elizabethtown (PA) Church of the Brethren

May                     Remote classroom presentations, Souderton Area High School (PA)

May 21                 Zoom session, fourth grade classes, Franke Park Elementary School, Fort Wayne
May 22                 Zoom session, fifth grade classes, Franke Park Elementary School, Fort Wayne

June 14                Preach, Mountville (PA) Church of the Brethren

June 27                Zoom session "Trees of Life" for Camp Brethren Woods (VA)

July 10                 Zoom session "Give a Girl a Chance" for Camp Brethren Woods

July 25                 Workshop session, young adult camp, Camp Emmaus (IL) 

July 26                 Preach, Portland (OR) Church of the Brethren

July 28-August 5   Lead Yellowstone/Grand Teton Learning Tour

Aug 24 - Sept 25  Poverty in a World of Plenty on-line class, Elizabethtown College

Sept 6                  Preach, Beacon Heights Church of the Brethren (Fort Wayne, IN)

Sept 28 - Oct 30   Introduction to Globalization on-line class, Elizabethtown College  

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