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"It was inspiring to see what a little money applied at the right places in the right way can do."

- J & K from Indiana, following a Zoom presentation on NCP programs at home and around the world


Click the tabs to the left to make designated gifts to any of these funds


These gifts to our core budget fund our Sustainable Living Centers, staff salaries, travel and speaking, print and web resources to inform and inspire, accounting services, leading Learning Tours, overseeing our international partnerships, etc. There is no transaction fee for these donations (when using the button at left), but also no way to designate for a specific part of our work. (Donors can contact NCP separately to inform us of a particular designation.) Want to designate or set up a monthly gift? Use this link. (Using this link results in a processing fee of 2.5 percent for NCP.) And here's the link if you prefer Venmo.

NCP partners' requests for help protecting rainforest (Ecuador), building a girls' school (Congo) and purchasing sewing machines for tailoring course graduates (Rwanda)

Through our If a Tree Falls… program, NCP supports reforestation in Myanmar, South Sudan, the DR Congo, Rwanda, Nepal, Malawi, Nigeria, and the Ecuadorian Amazon. In most areas, $10 plants 100 trees. How? Jimmy Zan in Myanmar gathers avocado pits from local restaurants; in South Sudan, Paskwale Ben is using land his uncle loans him. We've just launched efforts in Nepal through our partner Shakti Samuha, an anti-trafficking organization. "Climate change brings disruption, disruption leads to trafficking," director Charimaya Tamang told our Learning Tour group. Grants from this fund may sometimes be used for something other than tree-planting, such as supporting native communities in the Amazon as they protect the rain forest, or helping rural families in Malawi market their crops, as without this income, many turn to charcoal-making - resulting in widespread deforestation. Our newest partnership is in Nigeria, where the Tropical Conservation Center is restoring mangroves in the Niger Delta. Here, every $1 plants 2 mangrove saplings.  

We launched our Million Tree Campaign on Earth Day 2019, with the goal of planting 1 million trees over the next decade in Africa, South Asia and the Americas. It's all part of our overall If a Tree Falls... program, and is designed to up our game in response to the looming specter of climate change and on-going destruction of the world's forests, even as the number of living creatures on earth continues to drop precipitously as their forest homes disappear. We've since changed the name to the Two (!) Million Tree Campaign due to the on-going generosity of our network and the great work of our partners!

Give a Girl a Chance is NCP's program to help girls and women around the world have a have a decent chance for a decent life. For the girls, this means keeping them in school in places like South Sudan, where 95 percent of girls are not even enrolled in elementary school. We offer scholarships, shoes, mosquito nets - whatever they need to succeed. Our A Girl and a Bike campaign provides a bike and a scholarship for high school girls in Malawi, where climate change has deeply affected the local farming economy.  As for women, they are often reduced to near-slave labor, the sex trade or work that lacks dignity or opportunity. Through microloans or skills training organized by our partners, we help them have better choices.

Explore a list of other giving options: stock donations, IRA distributions, our Endowment Fund and more...all for the good of the cause!

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