New Community Project Partners

New Community Project depends on domestic and international partners to host Learning Tours, provide educational and project opportunities, and to help us understand global trends and dynamics from their unique perspective. NCP works to express solidarity for their work and to support projects for girls' education, women's development and forest preservation/reforestation.


Central and South America and the Caribbean

Learning Tour groups have visited the Ecuadorian Amazon since 2005. We previously purchased and preserved 137 acres of threatened land adjacent to the Cuyanbeno Ecological Preserve. Currently we collaborate with native groups to support their efforts to preserve their culture and protect the forest. We have a long-time relationship with Delio, shaman of the Siona people of the Ecuadorian Amazon, who guides our Learning Tour groups, and Aurelio, lead shaman of the Cofan people. We are currently entering into a relationship with Waita Lodge, a new endeavor deep in the Cuyanbeno Ecological Reserve  with a focus on empowering local Kichwa people as forest protectors. (photos from 2019 visit)

   In the Dominican Republic, NCP works with local groups to foster sustainable development in mountain communities. The DR is a site for Learning Tours and college spring break trips led by Tom Benevento, and collaboration related to climate resilience.


In South Sudan, the South Sudan Council of Churches and the Girlchild Education and Development Association are key program partners in Narus and Nimule, respectively, coordinating our grants for girls' education and women's development, and hosting our Learning Tours. GEDA has also hosted Solidarity Workers in Nimule. Our Second Step program enables girls who have completed high school to continue their studies in nearby Uganda; this initiative is funded by those who choose to support/sponsor a girl. NCP has also responded to the pleas of women in refugee camps with skills training, microloans and girls' education. Paskwale Ben and his New Community Forestry receive support from our If a Tree Falls... program for reforestation efforts in Nimule and surrounding areas. (Photos and stories from 2019 East Africa Learning Tour)

   In Rwanda and the DR Congo, NCP works through local partners to support girls' education, tailoring and microloan programs for women, and reforestation. We have also funded an initiative to train women to build wood-conserving cook stoves, both for their own use and to sell for income (photos here). We visit these communities on Learning Tours.

   NCP is developing partnerships in the southern African nations of Malawi and Zambia. In Zambia, we are collaborating with a Sustainable Living Center and have funded a microloan project for a women's group. In Malawi, the nonprofit Creative Solutions for the Environment has sought our help in addressing climate impacts on agriculture, doing reforestation, and empowering women and helping young women attend secondary school.

   We have begun a partnership with the Tropical Conservation Centre in Nigeria to restore mangrove forests in the Niger Delta. This includes community education and involvement, promotion of wood-conserving stoves, and the development of alternative income sources to stem deforestation.



In Myanmar (Burma), NCP works through the Myanmar Baptist Convention to carry out women's development projects, reforestation and girls' education in the southwest delta. In the Palaung hill tribe area near Kalaw, we work with Saw Jimmy Zan, our trekking guide and collaborator, to support girls' education, women's development and reforestation. See stories and photos from our 2019 Learning Tour here.

   In Nepal, our partner is Shakti Samuha, a group comprised of former sex workers that helps other young women trying to recuperate from their time in this destructive industry. Shakti receives NCP grants for women and girls and hosts NCP Learning Tours.


United States

The Gwich'in people of Arctic Village, Alaska have hosted NCP Learning Tours since 2003. Participants learn about Gwich'in culture and current lifestyle, and about their reliance on the Porcupine Caribou Herd for food. The Gwich'in are the primary advocates for preventing oil drilling along the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, as this is the birthing grounds for the caribou. Key contacts are Sarah James and Charlie and Marion Swaney. (photo album from 2018 Learning Tour)

   Since 2016, NCP has been in relationship with the Dine' (Navajo) of New Mexico through our partner, Lybrook Community Ministries. Our Learning Tours visit each summer, we join with the Dine' in advocacy campaigns (especially related to the extractive industries), and offer occasional support to young women seeking to further their education. (photo album a recent Learning Tour).

   NCP also collaborates with co-conspirators in and around our Sustainable Living Centers in Harrisonburg, VA (James Madison University and other nearby colleges and schools, Give Solar and OCP, for example) and Starksboro, VT (, nearby colleges, local Baptist and UCC congregations), and across the country.     

   We have a special affiliation with Rising Locust Farm in Manheim, PA, regularly sharing ideas and support, and joining in each others' training workshops. Like us, they welcome interns, address sustainable food production and energy use, seek economic and social justice, and work to engage their local community. Check them out!

Victor, grandson of Cofan shaman Aurelio, was inspired to want to be a shaman in part by the respect our Learning Tour groups have shown for his grandfather.

NCP's Tom Benevento with partners in Malawi, working together to address climate change impacts on agriculture. 

Rojina, Kabita and Munni - middle school students receiving support from NCP's Give a Girl a Chance fund in the Sindhupalchok district of Nepal. An area with lots of human trafficking, staying in school is one way to stay out of harm's way.

willie and hazel.jpg

Hazel and Willie Kee, Dine elders. We installed a solar panel for their home, complete with a small refrigerator, lights and outlets for small appliances. They told us stories from their experience and tradition. 


Harry Rhodes and friend - Rising Locust Farm, Manheim, PA