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Amanda Jeanine O'Donnell Scholarship Fund

Amanda Jeanine O’Donnell, a New Community Project supporter, began her

commitment to social justice issues early in life.  At age 5, she traveled monthly

to center city Philadelphia to feed the homeless among with others from her church. 

From then on, Amanda sought a life based on similar values, setting up a Cultural

Awareness Club in her high school and acting as co-president of her chapter of

Habitat for Humanity while attending Bridgewater College .


In 2007, Amanda traveled back to Greece, where she had studied abroad her junior

year, to teach English in a country where she had so grown to love the land, the

people and the culture. While there, Amanda tragically died in a vehicle accident

while riding a bike to her work the morning of July 14, 2007.  


Soon thereafter, this fund was established as part of NCP's Give a Girl a Chance

program to honor and celebrate Amanda’s life by providing the gift of education

for young women in South Sudan, a key area of NCP involvement.


Since inception, 710 girls have received scholarships for a year's education ($60)

through the Amanda Jeanine O'Donnell fund as of May 2024.

As always, 100 percent of donations to NCP's Special Funds go to the programs themselves.

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