Sustainable Living Centers

NCP's Sustainable Living Centers in Harrisonburg, Virginia and Starksboro, Vermont put our principles into practice. They model, teach and advocate for energy efficiency, eco-building principles, sustainable transportation, engagement with their communities, and outreach to people on the margins of society. They also promote a spiritually-centered life connected to the local and global community as the best antidote to our consumer culture. 

Both of our Centers are adapting to COVID 19 in regard to safety protocols as well as programs and are receiving visitors, volunteers and interns in line with these precautions. Both sites have also increased assistance to people most directly affected by the pandemic: in Harrisonburg we have employed laid off immigrant workers to fill key garden roles, and have been providing fresh, organic produce -delivered by bicycle - for school feeding programs and low income folks; in Vermont, we have increased commodities at our weekly Food Share program, while working with the town to expand access to community garden plots.

​Visitors are welcome to stop and see—or to lend a hand in the gardens or on other projects. School, club and church groups come to work as well as learn about what we’re doing and why. College students collaborate with our sites to do volunteer work, research and senior capstone projects. Interns and college Summer Service Workers stay for up to a couple months, and receive room & board. Apprentices are longer-term workers who make a commitment for a year or more, and they receive a small stipend along with room and board. 

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