Climate Change

the challenge of our lifetime

(and many lifetimes to come if we don't act decisively and soon)



The last time the temperature rose by 5 degrees Celsius (11 F) “ended with all but a sliver of life on earth dead.” Wallace-Wells (currently, it’s 1.1 C hotter than the historic norm, with a rise of 5 C within the realm of possibility in the coming century) 


As it was human activity, coupled first with ignorance and now with arrogance and deadly nonchalance, that made the earth’s climate turn on us, it is humans who can – and must – turn it in the other direction.

Want to turn down the heat? Start close by - but don't stop there!

Home  (here's our personal CO2 calculator with points for bad and good behaviors)

  • What we eat (lower on the food chain, closer to home, beans replace beef eelgrass anyone?

  • How we get around (every mile we drive typically emits a pound of CO2 into the atmosphere; electric cars are better, but still emit one-third as much carbon as gas-powered vehicles)

  • The size of our dwellings and how energy efficient they are, since 20 percent of US emissions are "home"-grown

  • How much stuff we consume (it takes energy to make stuff, and a lot of it is shipped from abroad - just 15 container ships create as much carbon emissions as all the world's cars)

  • Lawn size (mowing = 25 million tons of CO2 per year in USA)

  • Challenge your school, congregation or other group to take climate change seriously; invite NCP staff to stop in for a workshop - we're cheap, knowledgeable and occasionally funny :) 

  • By your own lifestyle show others that a good life can be had without sacrificing a livable future



  • Advocate for local systems to be climate-friendly: bike lanes, ride-share, farmers markets

  • Our Sustainable Living Center in Harrisonburg, VA led the way in getting that city to adopt a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2025. More here.

  • Call for legislation to support carbon taxes, green energy and other policies to reduce fossil fuel emissions



  • The world lost 10 million acres of forest in 2020, releasing the CO2 equivalent of two years' worth of US vehicle travel in the process. Get your school, club or congregation involved in our Million Tree Campaign to do something about it!

  • Educating girls and empowering women are two of the top ten recommendations for reducing climate change from the book Drawdown – do both through our Give a Girl a Chance fund

  • Join campaigns to protect tropical forests, limit palm oil production, empower native people

  • Go on our Learning Tours to the Amazon, Arctic and Dine reservation in NM to support native communities as they protect the environment and battle the extractive industries

Crops planted by these Malawian farmers were washed away by cyclone- and monsoon-related flooding, leaving them without food and income.   D.Radcliff photo 2019

NCP Sustainable Living Centers in VA and VT play all the right climate keys: food, energy, transportation, legislation - and have a good time doing it!