Bring a little joy to family or friends while spreading a little Joy to the World with NCP holiday giving options!



Our fairly-made, eco-friendly, locally-printed One Earth One Chance tee shirts

look great while promoting doing good things for our fine planet.


Text on back:

LESS stuff

LOWER on the food chain

LIGHTER carbon foot print

LEARN from nature's ways

LOVE this planet - our only home

LET your voice be heard!

And at $15 for the short-sleeved and $20 for the long (includes shipping), they won’t break

your holiday budget!

See this page for color and size selections and to place an order.

Our backpacks are made with love – and justice – in Myanmar. The women who make

them are paid a fair wage, not spare change as in the garment factories, and are spared

dehumanizing working conditions as well.


$25, shipping included. Order here

Give a gift in honor of a friend, family member, teacher, the coworker whose name you drew!

Help a girl go to school in Nepal, Congo, Myanmar, South Sudan or Rwanda; provide a

microloan or skills training for a woman in these same places.


That’s what our Give a Girl a Chance fund is all about!


$50 - $200 provides a microloan to start a business. $40 keeps a girl in school for a year in

places like Nepal or South Sudan. $125 buys a sewing machine. Donate at the bottom of

this page, leaving any special instructions about gift cards, etc.

(photo: Ma Aung from Kalaw, Myanmar; tailoring graduate, South Sudan).




A Girl and A Bike is helping girls in rural Malawi get to high school 7 miles away with a bike and the first term's



A bike costs $65; tuition support $45. Yep, $110 does both, but any amount gets them rolling! Donate at the bottom

of this page, noting any special instructions regarding gift cards, etc.


We’re also building two hostels for girls who have to travel even further to go to school and need a safe, clean

place to stay. (see A Place of Their Own below)

How do you plant a million trees? With the help of partners like Jimmy Zan in Myanmar. We’re planting

100,000 a year for the next 10 years in East and Southern Africa, Myanmar, Nepal and the Ecuadorian Amazon

through our Million Tree Campaign. Benefits? Cleaner air and water; less soil erosion; cooling climate change;

fruits, firewood and medicines; homes for creatures and native people.


$10 plants 100! Donate here, leaving any instructions about gift cards, etc.






A Place of Their Own is our fall campaign is all about “place”: from growing food (Batwa women in Rwanda) to taking their rightful place in society along with literal places to live (empowerment training and tukuls in South Sudan) to micro places to produce food (tunnel gardens in Nepal) to girls needing a safe and sanitary place to live while being far away from home to go to high school (two 10-girl hostels in Malawi) to a market stand to help Malawian women sell their produce at a distant main road. Check out the options here!


100 percent of donations go to the programs themselves – really!

Questions? Contact info below

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