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NCP gifts can bring a little ho-ho-hope to our world this holiday season!



Want girls and women to see their hopes

realized for a decent chance for a decent life? Here’s our 

Give a Girl a Chance page.

$5/$8/$40 can provide shoes/backpack/scholarship for a schoolgirl

like these from Nepal

$30 provides a microloan for a woman to start a small business. 


 gift cards available on request or print your own! (front/back

Bikes in Malawi help girls to get what they hope for – a way

to get to high school 14 miles away by some means other than walking.

Here’s our A Girl and A Bike campaign – $150 and she's rollin'!

Up it to $185 and she gets a bike AND first term's tuition.   

Hope to rein in climate change? Our Million Tree Campaign

is planting 100,000 trees a year in Congo, Malawi, South Sudan,

Myanmar, Nepal and in our newest partner area - mangroves in Nigeria!

$1=10 trees or two mangrove saplings.



Want to give hope to young adults and others

who think all is lost? Our Sustainable Living Centers invite

them to join a vibrant community making real change locally

and beyond. Support our core budget to make this possible.

Put a Learning Tour in their stocking – great times with

great people experiencing things that challenge and

change us. 


Up for quirky? How about hippo habitat?!

For our fall Tell Us What You Want campaign, we invited

our global neighbors to name their hopes and needs –

see what they came up with – and pitch in to make it happen!


Share the hope! Our t-shirts send the message that a 

better world is possible for people and planet - look stylish and

spread the word!

Our backpacks are made with love – and justice –

in Myanmar. The women who make them are paid a fair wage –

not spare change, as in the garment factories – and are spared

dehumanizing working conditions as well. All of this offers hope for

a better, more dignified future. $25, shipping included. Order here

                  Give a gift in honor of a friend, family member, teacher,

                              the coworker whose name you drew!

        Let us know and we can provide gift cards or send a notification of gift given. 

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