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Half the world's forests are already gone. And without out them, our world is hotter, drier, with more floods and erosion, and there is less oxygen, habitat, beauty & birds! And of course, there is more carbon

dioxide in the atmosphere, as deforestation is a major cause of climate change. 

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However, a report by Swiss scientists estimated that if the world planted 1 trillion trees,

over the course of their lives these trees would remove nearly 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide

from the atmosphere. Another study noted that returning 30 percent of strategically selected

farmland to forest could save over 70 percent of anticipated plant and animal extinctions. And

here we learn the world's forests currently store up more carbon - over 7 billion tons - than the US emits annually. 


That's why New Community Project launched our Million Tree Campaign on Earth Day 2019! Our goal is to plant 1 million trees in the next decade in Africa, South Asia and the Americas. It's all part of our overall If a Tree Falls... program, and is designed to up our game in response to the looming specter of climate change and on-going destruction of the world's forests, even as the number of living creatures on earth continues to drop precipitously as their forest homes disappear.  

What will be planted where? In Congo (photo), our partners will plant mango, avocado,

oranges and other fruit trees for food and to sell, eucalyptus and acacia for firewood

and building material, and moringa trees for medicines. They are aiming for

25,000 tress this year. Jackfruit and avocado are planted for food by our co-worker

Jimmy Zan in Myanmar, and pan sein for firewood (limbs grow back after being cut

off, plus it has a beautiful blossom). Many trees there are planted along roads in the

hill areas to stop erosion. In Malawi (see video at right!) we are working with our partner

Creative Solutions for the Environment to create forests with a mix of medicinal and fruit

trees, nitrogen-fixing trees, and firewood trees - and to mitigate climate change. In Rwanda

women in a microloan group we support are excited to plant fruit trees and

reforestation trees: "People will notice - women do not typically do these things!" In

South Sudan the focus is on trees like jackfruit, moringa, firewood - and rain. Paskwale 

Ben tells us he's planting "rainforest": "If we plant trees, the rains return," he says.

And we're beginning work in Nepal, where our partner, anti-trafficking organization

Shakti Samuha, tells us “Climate change leads to instability and instability increases

trafficking"; in the Ecuadorian Amazon we are supporting native communities who are

fighting off timber harvesting, oil companies, and palm oil plantations; and in Nigeria,

we're now working with the Tropical Conservation Centre to restore mangroves in the

Niger Delta (so ecologically important on so many levels - photo at right.) Read all about

Mangroves to the Rescue!


Help us create habitat, food, medicines, shade, rain - and safety! Your contribution can

also offset your carbon emissions - a tree in the tropics takes in around 50 pounds of carbon

every year! And these trees will just make our world beautifuller :)


$1 plants 10 trees

10 trees absorb 500 pounds of CO2 per year


or $1 plants 2 mangrove trees

2 mangrove trees (and offshoots) and the soil beneath them store 1000 pounds of CO2 

Make a difference – plant trees! 

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Get your club, congregation or school group involved.

As with all our Special Projects, 100% of donations go to the programs - really!


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