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- Mangroves to the Rescue  Check out our new initiative in Nigeria!

- "And justice for all..." video highlights NCP work for justice with women and girls, native communities of the Americas, and vulnerable people here at home

- $44,282 raised for Fall Campaign: A Place of Their Own (land, tukuls, hostels, peace!)

- COVID-19 Response to partners  $60,000 for pandemic aid in the Americas, Asia, Africa

- Completely revised Students for Change page - check it out!

- Learning Tour schedule updated

A Place of Their Own


NCP fall campaign

When we asked our international partners what they needed most that was beyond the scope of NCP's annual grant, they all mentioned "place": from farmland for Batwa (pic), to a hostel for schoolgirls, to tukuls for elders.

Planting a million trees over the next decade for fruit, medicines, firewood, climate - and some just for the birds!

tree planting.jpg

NCP is a small nonprofit organization with a Big Goal: to change the world!

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NCP is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization registered in Arizona.

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