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NCP's 2022 spring campaign


Keep 'em Safe!


NCP's Nepali partner Shakti Samuha urgently requested

funds to build a protective wall around a shelter for girls

who survived sex trafficking and domestic abuse, as they

are at risk from the same ones who used to abuse them. 

We raised $30,700 to keep 'em safe!!


                                                Thanks to all the individuals, congregations and other groups whose                                                               compassion and generosity made this happen! The money has been sent and                                                    the wall is being built!




Currently, 15 girls - ranging in age from 5-15 - live there, along with several

Shakti staff. They are typically there for six months or so until conditions are

right for them to be reintegrated into their families. The daily routine involves

rising at 6 a.m., yoga, dance classes, breakfast, school, chores, skill training

such as knitting. Older girls receive three hours of nonformal education. (We 

can't show the girls' faces for privacy and security reasons.)


“We can breathe easy now with the land and the home – we can live in peace,”

house mother Harikala told us on our January 2022 Learning Tour. 

Except for one thing: as Shakti helps the girls bring their traffickers to trial,

these criminals are often out to seek revenge and/or to kidnap them to further

exploit them. And currently there is nothing standing between them and a house                     Off to school

full of young women and their caretakers. Thus, Shakti's urgent request for funds

to build a wall around the property. 

The cost is $30,700 (revised from $25,000 initial estimate). None of Shakti's other supporters have shown interest in helping out. That leaves us.

- Raised so far: $28,285.60


Can you or your group, class, club, congregation lend a hand to keep these girls safe? We're suggesting to groups that they consider contributing one or more "shares" at $250 each - or of course whatever they can raise. For others of us, a gift in any amount is deeply appreciated. Give at the tab above or by check to NCP, 117 Nature Road, Blue Ridge, VA 24064.


As always, 100 percent of donations to our Special Projects go to the programs themselves.  

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