One Earth - One Chance

That's how our new t-shirt puts it: one earth, one chance. And we're fast running out of chances to get it right. One out of 1000 human beings will die from air pollution this year. It's estimated that 100 species of plants and animals go extinct every day. Every hour US'ers toss over 2 million water bottles into the trash. Every minute, the world loses 150 acres of tropical rainforest. With each tick of the clock, 2.4 million pounds of CO2 enters the atmosphere.

Want to do something now? Where to start? Here's what it says on the backs of our One Earth One Chance t-shirts:

- Less stuff (container ships transporting goods to the US pollute as much every mile as a car driving around the world)

- Lower on the food chain (more grains, fruits and veggies)

- Lighter carbon footprint (think cars, cows, consumption, convenience - and green energy)

- Learn from nature's ways (we're the only creature that creates trash - and we're the "smart ones")

- Love this planet - our only home (get to know a stream or forest or desert near you)

- Let your voice be heard! (it's not enough to change ourselves - we have to change others and the "system")

Get yourself on one of our Learning Tours to the Amazon, Arctic, Asia and Africa to see what's at stake.

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    Accessible water sets Planet Earth apart from every other planet we have discovered.

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    What we can do to make our world a more friendly place for all things winged, wet, wild and wonderful?

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Climate Change

We are quickly turning the global climate from our friend to our adversary. We need to act soon and decisively to restore this relationship - or else. 

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